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Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Official...No More Pro Video!

That's right, you read correctly...I am now officially "retired" from pro video work and will be focusing my efforts exclusively on my own web site again and amateur video which I've been producing with my husband, Steve since 1998. I was going to wait to announce this in my end-of-the-year/looking-ahead-to-next-year blog entry but, since I get so much email about my pro work, I decided that sooner would be better than later.

Perhaps "retired" isn't the most accurate description since I never did pro video truly full-time, after all...I only shot pro scenes from late 2007 to mid 2010, with 90% of them shot in 2009...that's a small chunk of time considering that Steve and I have been shooting our own amateur stuff for my site(s) non-stop (including during the same time I was shooting pro scenes) since 1998. But whatever term you prefer, I won't be doing any more pro scenes as of 2011.

So...why am I quitting pro work? I guess you could say that I've simply had my fill of it and that, in the end, I've come to realize that I much prefer the amateur stuff that Steve and I have been producing on our own for 13 years. I have no complaints, I'm merely moving on and going back "home".

Was the money from pro work good? Yes, it was...I'd be lying if I said otherwise. Although I only dabbled lightly in it from late 2007 through 2008, in 2009 I did so many scenes that I made a killing in "extra" money. But money isn't everything (and, frankly, we were doing well before I started doing pro stuff, anyway), so I was able to severely cut back on amount of pro scenes I shot in 2010...and can now comfortably stop altogether as of 2011.

Was the "fame" fun? Yes, it honestly was...but only at first. I started off so fast and furious in the "MILF" genre in 2009 that I had an agency for booking shoots and PR agency to handle the press, and things just immediately blew up. It was really odd, after 10 years of purely amateur, Mom & Pop web site status, to suddenly find myself being interviewed in AVN magazine, to be asked to sign at tables at adult-biz conventions, to meet famous and sometimes "legendary" adult stars, to be invited to adult-industry parties (of which Steve and I only attended one, BTW) and to have photo layouts and/or articles written about me in other adult-industry press sites and magazines. At first it was flattering and exciting...but after awhile the extra attention didn't mean anything other than the fact that I started being recognized in public places which, as the private people Steve and I are in our personal lives, didn't really sit too well with either of us. So I let PR agency go after just a few months and started pulling back from the "limelight", all while still working regularly, and kept very busy - especially considering that the pro adult biz was in a serious slump at the time.

Was the sex good in the pro world? As you might expect, sometimes yes and sometimes no...but mostly it was just so-so. It's just the nature of the beast in pro work - all performers are paid to be there, so there's no telling if you will be attracted to your partner(s), and as a performer you usually have no say at all in who your partner(s) will be. As such, too much pro stuff ends up being a bit contrived, especially in comparison to the amateur stuff Steve and I have always done, where it's all about the sex and the living out of an actual lifestyle....we are in full control of who we shoot with and no one is paid to be there, so it's always very genuine.

Don't get me wrong, I had several pro scenes where I was really attracted to my male or female partners (and vice-versa) and they were very good in bed and the sex was truly much so, in fact, that Steve and I would invite them over to our place for off-camera fun, or to shoot "amateur style" for my site. But these instances were the exception, not the rule.

So, was there a major problem of some sort? No, not at all. We met some great people and we met some real jerks; I had some amazing sex, some so-so sex and some lame sex; some days were great and others were other words, it was just anything else in the real world.

In the final analysis, once the excitement of the novelty wore off it started to feel too often like "work" and less often like "fun"...too often contrived and far less often "real". And if there's one thing that is true about the 13 years of amateur stuff Steve and I have shot is that we've always kept it both fun and real. And, finally, the fact is that I like that Steve is and always has been involved, personally and directly, in everything we shoot for my site...I like that bond and connection with him, and I really started missing it when shooting pro scenes. (Steve did, too.) After all, that's really what the "hotwife" thing is all about. It's a lifestyle for us. Without Steve present there is no hedonism to it.

So, with all that in mind - and with being fortunate enough to be able to walk away from the money - Steve and I recently had a long talk and decided that it was time to return to our roots as amateurs, as a couple, with him involved in every way, shooting only what we want to shoot, with people we want to shoot with who are there for the same reason I am - for the sex! It really just comes down to the issues of control and pleasure - when we are in control, the sex is real and the shoots are fun, never "work".

Do I regret ever going pro? No, I don't. As I've already said, I met some nice people, made a lot of extra money, had my "15 minutes of fame" and learned more about who I really am and who I am not. It also exposed my amateur stuff, via my web site, to a much wider audience. That said, I wouldn't change a thing. Like any big decision in life, it was a learning experience, both good and bad, and the two are inseparable. Now it's just time to move on and rededicate myself to my amateur roots.

For those of you who enjoyed my pro scenes (and there are a lot of you out there), I apologize, but this is a personal decision that I thought long and hard about. You may still see "new" scenes come out for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011 which were shot this year and have yet to be released, but that's it.

On the other hand, for those of you who, like Steve and I, much prefer our real-life, husband-and-wife-with-dirty-minds amateur stuff, you're in luck. You'll find us once again releasing new DVDs and iPod/iPhone movies every month, giving a renewed focus on Janet Exposed and even totally revising the old Janet's Foot Tease site. In other words, back to our old ways in every way!

Until next time...Happy Thanksgiving to my American fans and "cheers" to everyone else!



Aparment in San Isidro said...

Janet. I never saw your footage before you became famous, but truly i´m gonna start follow your work guys, sure it´s great and full of nice surprises.

In the end everybody ended up looking for the "real orgasm stuff" "hidden cameras videos" or something that brings real live scenes, those videos are and always been the more demanded.

It´s a very wise decision from you both and something to admire as a strong solid couple. best of all,

Martin Cicerchia.

Dez's Blog said...

I respect you decision to leave the pro work. You can work on your own time and what days to film or shoot photos/video for your site. I love to see what to come from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Great decision! While there were some very hot pro scenes, there were many more that seemed out of the norm for you, and what an amateur fan like me enjoys. It's great to stay true to yourself and not cave into the money/fame/ego thing that eats up some of the pros.

Here's to a great 2011!

Greg said...

Dear Janet and Steve,

I enjoyed most of the pro scenes I've seen. It is pretty obvious which scenes were not enjoyable to you and they were just as so-so watching them, too.

Were I a director on your pro shoots I would have just said, "Have fun," without the pretense, and shot as much footage as possible.

But, I am glad you are returning to your roots. It is when you are you that your scenes are hottest.

Hopefully, this will allow you to give more time to posting things on your website.

Thank You to both of you.


Amy said...

Will you be doing more fitness modeling? How do you stay in such great shape

Anonymous said...

As a long time fan of yours, I look forward to seeing more amateur work. Your pro stuff was hot, heck anything you'd do would be hot, but I truly love the amateur stuff because as you said it, that means you are totally into it for the sex.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting back to basics. You are a beautiful, sexy woman who I have enjoyed watching before you started the "pro" work and will enjoy you as you go back to your roots. I also think that you looked amazing ripped and super lean but you should know you are just as beautiful and attractive in your more voluptuous condition. I know it is hard being so lean if it feels good stay with it but know that we love you any way!

Anonymous said...

I amm just sorry that you have never did anal. Or a double penetration, because with your great flexible body it could be so artistically beautiful! Hope that one day you will di this on

Anonymous said...

My wife and I personally like both your pro work and your amateur stuff, Janet. We think you are making a mistake because you have a ton of fans on the pro-oriented sites. But you have to do what is right for you, not for us. If you can "walk away" from all that extra money, good for you because no one we know is that fortunate in this economy.

We met you and Steve briefly at AVN in 2008, the only year you attended, I think. Anyway you two were SO nice and "normal" that we liked your work even more after that. You two clearly made a good team and Steve's admiration of you was obvious.

Also btw we love your new "ripped" look. It's a total change but you look HOT!

amy and rob said...

my husband and I truly enjoy your work. your tight little body and energy are awesome. Your work with Lexington Steele is hot hot hot. Would love to hear more about what the encounters with Lex are like. is he as big as he looks.

Alex & Kay said...

We suppose you have to do what you have to do but we will miss your pro work, Janet. You being an element o class to any scene you are in no matter what. And in the scenes you are clearly "into", your intense lust is the hottest in the industry. Like the very best old-school performers from the golden age of porn. In fact you are the ONLY female performer Kay likes. Watching an upscale, feminine lady like you fuck big-dicked black studs and fit guys half your age with such total abandon is a sight to behold and turns us both on instantly, especially knowing that Steve is either there watching and filming (your site stuff) or "letting you indulge" on your own in your hottest pro scenes.

BTW, what is your astrological sign? Kay is an Aries and we are in the lifestyle, too, 19 years now. We read a study online that said Aries & Sagittarius women are the most common signs and make the best and most "natural" hotwives.

John P. said...

Well I for one am very disappointed to hear this, Janet. Don't get me wrong your site is awesome, but doing pro work did a lot for you. Prior to doing pro work you always talked about liking fit young white studs but never had any on your site. Pro work hand-delivered to you exactly the kind of young guys a classy mature woman like you deserves. Mikey Butders, Will Steiger, Johnny Castle, Kieran Lee. All those pro scenes you did with those guys SMOKED, sex-wise, even if the setups were sometimes dumb, but that's normal. The SEX was hot and you were so visibly INTO those guys. Isn't that why you and Steve brought them back to shoot for your site? Now you're up for an AVN award for MILF/Cougar of the year and you quit? That's a shame. You could be a legend if you stuck with it because you are so classy and pretty and real. Why not just quit doing the pro stuff you DON'T like and stick with the kind of pro niches you DO like? You are the MILF of all MILFs and it's just a shame to see you quit right when you finally get the recognition you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with John P here, Janet. This just sucks that you want to quit. You are my favorite pro MILF by a mile.

Ed said...

Now THAT sucks. I was hoping you'd move into the "fitness" niche of pro work. You look AMAZING when you are ripped and it ties right into the niches you are famous for, MILF/Cougar and foot fetish. Hell, even interracial since your fave guys are always the ripped ones.

Garrett said...

Here's hoping you reconsider, Janet. You're just now getting attention for the dues you paid in 2009/2010. Quitting cold seems premature - being more selective in what you shoot seems a reasonable alternative. You are MILF #1 for my wife and I and we'd hate to see you leave. Esp. now that you're getting named for award selections!

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is bad news. I've been a member of your site (both sites, actually) on and off for years and I also love your pro work. I sure hope you reconsider, Janet!

Kurt said...

Here's hoping that you'll change your mind, Janet. You're the hottest and most real MILF in the pro world.

Anonymous said...

I hope like hell you stay in the Pro World as well as your website. Just go exclusively with fucking Big Black Cocks and you will rule the world.

Anonymous said...

It's great that you don't have to fit yourself into the system. If anything, the pro work could bring more fans to your site.
Shooting the scenes for your own site with Shane and Lex, with whom you had an obvious chemisty, will give a continued chance to work with "pros". I'm sure they'll be up to the task too.
No question your best pro scenes were the ones where you just did it. For example, your solo Blacks on Blondes scene with Shane was so much hotter than the contrived Blacks on Cougars setup with him.
Keep up the good work.