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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free At Last!

Finally! After days of being trapped in our neighborhood, the snow and ice have melted (and the roads have been salted), enabling Steve and I to get out of our home area and and over to our office/ we just posted the overdue update to the members area at Janet Exposed! It's a great one, and Richard Mann, one of the most well-hung and highest-endurance studs I've ever had the pleasure of playing with! :) Here's a sample still from today's clip:

In other news, tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 14th) I will be doing my weekly webcam show for my members at both of my sites at 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific, and it looks like Thursdays at this time will be my new "permanent" webcam show schedule for the next few months.

Finally, I hope to post a new blog update sometime this weekend, detailing my intense love for giving of the kinks I've had since I was a girl and which gets more intense as time goes on.

See you online, guys and gals!



Anonymous said...

thats some hot shit hall of fame material...u should do more ir creampie scenes

Anonymous said...

I just watched your 8 man IR gangbang is amazing every time I see it

Count me among your many fans who hope to see you continue to take on legions of hard black dicks for years to come...