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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution: More Young Cock!

Just yesterday Steve and I posted the final installment of an 11-part photo layout (with a total of 372 pics!) featuring me with one of my favorite young lovers, a true stud from Switzerland named Will, who is definitely "my type" of his mid-20's (young enough to have the endless sexual stamina I crave, yet old enough to have lots of experience and skills in bed), clean-cut (absolutely no tattoos, no piercings and no attitude), handsome, very physically fit and extremely well-endowed (a big cock and big balls, yowza!). And best of all, he "gets it" in regards to the hotwife lifestyle...he knows that he's just a boy-toy for me...a "special gift" from Steve, not "replacement" for him. He understands that it's all about purely physical sex and that's all he wants, too. Whenever we meet, the attraction is so thick you can feel it in the air...and we quickly get to business, making love for hours on end until we're sweaty and exhausted, then we shower up and he leaves as happy and satiated as I am. Just the way I like it!

The member feedback on this layout with Will (just as with the feedback on the DVD and iPod/iPhone download we made together, "Cougar Chronicles, Vol. 2: Meet Will") has been overwhelmingly positive - which is typical of all the "cougar" stuff I've done in the past year or so. What these fans are connecting with is the fact that my passion for truly "exceptional" young white male playmates - those who are way above average in looks, build, endowment and stamina - is just as genuine as my passion for aggressive, super-hung black studs. The "hot young beefcake" thing is a different kind of kink, in obvious ways, from interracial sex...yet it also fit squarely to what Steve and I do in the hotwife lifestyle since, like black studs, much-younger white hunks are "different" than Steve who, like me, is in his 40's. I truly get to "have my cake and eat it, too"...a handsome, very fit husband who who is the love of my life and my soul mate for over 20 years being "spoiled" by him by indulging freely in my wildest sexual fantasies, the kind that drive other couples apart but which have made us grow closer and more intimate over the years.

And let me assure you - having hot-looking, fit and hung 20-something studs in their sexual prime (just as I am) line up for the chance to fuck me senseless for hours on end is quite an intense thrill, and one that I am getting more and more into. So much so, in fact, that one of my New Year's resolutions for 2011 is to indulge in more young cock than ever before.

Happy New Year, everyone...I know mine sure will be! :-)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Steve and I both wanted to take a minute to wish all of our friends and fans Happy Holidays (no matter what you may celebrate) and best wishes for 2011. See you online!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fit, Ripped and Naked!

Lots of fans have been requesting a nude layout of me at my peak of being "ripped", and I'll admit that I was hesitant to post one because I didn't think that kind of "shredded" look would appeal to my fans...I merely wanted to give fitness shows a try and see what I could accomplish as an over-40 woman and mother of children.

Anyway, the new layout in the members area of my site features 45 full-size photos shot by hubby Steve soon after I did the fitness shows I had been training for, and I am super, super-lean in them. No one can possibly stay this lean for more than a couple of weeks, tops. So if you like this look on me, enjoy it....and if you don't like it, don't worry! I'll probably never do another show again....I just wanted to try it. (I placed very well in both shows, so it was worth it!).

For those of you who are members of my site, be sure to check out the new 45-pic update ASAP and let me know what you think. Meanwhile, for those of you who are not members, no worries - here's a montage of 9 miniature versions of the pics so you can see for yourself what I looked like in September, when I was as shredded as I will ever was or ever will be. Enjoy them and see you online!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December's DVD and Download - Now Shipping!

All pre-orders for my latest video release, "Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 8: Byron Long, All Night Long", are shipping today...and the full 68-minute interracial adventure is now available as a download for iPod and iPhone as well as for viewing both Windows and Mac computers!

To order your copy on DVD or as a download, click here. You'll also find a detailed description of this smoking-hot new release, 42 sample stills and a preview clip. To order the download directly from my Clips4Sale store, click here.

Thanks, guys and gals...see you online!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2011 AVN Awards MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year Nomination?!

How odd is it that, just a few days after announcing my retirement from pro video work, I find out that I've been nominated for the 2011 AVN "MILF/Cougar" Performer of the Year Award! I literally just found out minutes ago. Needless to say I am both flattered and stunned in equal measure.

To read the press release from AVN and download the full list of nominees, click here.

Here's how out-of-the-loop on the pro world I of this moment, I still have no idea of how I was even nominated or who does the nominating and voting. But I'm sure that it must be due at least in part to my fans who bought my pro scenes on DVD/Blu-Ray, or purchased memberships to pro web sites to view them. And for that I have to say thank you, guys & gals. I'm flattered beyond belief!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Lower DVD Prices!

As of today, all my homemade DVD titles for sale in my Store have been reduced in price from $29.99 to $24.99 for non-members and from $24.99 to $19.99 for members. (As always, members of my site still get the same 20% discount I've always given them.) This is not a "sale", it is a permanent reduction.

Also, the three "pro" titles that I have been able to sell on my site have been reduced to clearance-sale price point - $15.99 per autographed copy! - since I won't be carrying them or any other pro titles anymore after current stock runs out. Of these three titles, two feature me with Lexington Steele (one for his MILF Magnet series and one for his Pole Position series) and the third one is a big-budget feature film from Wicked Pictures.

To check out my latest release and back-catalog - 78 amateur titles from Steve and I and counting, plus the 3 pro titles mentioned above - click here.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

New DVD/Download Release for December!

As promised, Steve and I are back to releasing new homemade amateur adventure on DVD and as downloads for iPod, iPhone and computers every month...and, following hot on the heels of my November release, December's title is now available as a pre-order. On the "hotness" scale, this one's a scorcher!

Oh my God, what a night this shoot documents! Byron Long, who has been a fan of my site for years, came over to our "shoot condo" to give me a taste of his enormous black cock and balls and ended up fucking me within an inch of my life! I'm not kidding, ladies and man has ever fucked me as long or as hard as Byron did that night...I came 4 times in a row within the first 30 minutes, and he made me "squirt" all over the bed during my 4th orgasm just from the solid, thorough pounding he gave me! (No man has ever made me squirt from fucking, either before or since that night!) And then he just kept on fucking me! I think I reached a total of 6 or 7 earth-shaking, toe-curling, face-contorting, tear-inducing orgasms that night before Byron finally emptied his gigantic balls deep inside me, filling me with a huge load that I show off to the camera as it pours out of me onto the sweat-and-squirt-soaked bedsheets! Whew...I was so completely "fucked out" and exhausted from this once-in-a-lifetime fuck that I literally fell asleep in the car as Steve drove me home, too wiped out to even talk to my baby, much less "relieve" him like I usually do. This was truly one night I will never forget...and neither will you, once you see how well hubby Steve captured our frenzied lust on camera for posterity! Thanks, Byron...and, as always, thank you for spoiling me, hubby! Meanwhile, be sure to check out my Store page today for 42 stills and a free preview clip for both Windows and Mac users!


Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Official...No More Pro Video!

That's right, you read correctly...I am now officially "retired" from pro video work and will be focusing my efforts exclusively on my own web site again and amateur video which I've been producing with my husband, Steve since 1998. I was going to wait to announce this in my end-of-the-year/looking-ahead-to-next-year blog entry but, since I get so much email about my pro work, I decided that sooner would be better than later.

Perhaps "retired" isn't the most accurate description since I never did pro video truly full-time, after all...I only shot pro scenes from late 2007 to mid 2010, with 90% of them shot in 2009...that's a small chunk of time considering that Steve and I have been shooting our own amateur stuff for my site(s) non-stop (including during the same time I was shooting pro scenes) since 1998. But whatever term you prefer, I won't be doing any more pro scenes as of 2011.

So...why am I quitting pro work? I guess you could say that I've simply had my fill of it and that, in the end, I've come to realize that I much prefer the amateur stuff that Steve and I have been producing on our own for 13 years. I have no complaints, I'm merely moving on and going back "home".

Was the money from pro work good? Yes, it was...I'd be lying if I said otherwise. Although I only dabbled lightly in it from late 2007 through 2008, in 2009 I did so many scenes that I made a killing in "extra" money. But money isn't everything (and, frankly, we were doing well before I started doing pro stuff, anyway), so I was able to severely cut back on amount of pro scenes I shot in 2010...and can now comfortably stop altogether as of 2011.

Was the "fame" fun? Yes, it honestly was...but only at first. I started off so fast and furious in the "MILF" genre in 2009 that I had an agency for booking shoots and PR agency to handle the press, and things just immediately blew up. It was really odd, after 10 years of purely amateur, Mom & Pop web site status, to suddenly find myself being interviewed in AVN magazine, to be asked to sign at tables at adult-biz conventions, to meet famous and sometimes "legendary" adult stars, to be invited to adult-industry parties (of which Steve and I only attended one, BTW) and to have photo layouts and/or articles written about me in other adult-industry press sites and magazines. At first it was flattering and exciting...but after awhile the extra attention didn't mean anything other than the fact that I started being recognized in public places which, as the private people Steve and I are in our personal lives, didn't really sit too well with either of us. So I let PR agency go after just a few months and started pulling back from the "limelight", all while still working regularly, and kept very busy - especially considering that the pro adult biz was in a serious slump at the time.

Was the sex good in the pro world? As you might expect, sometimes yes and sometimes no...but mostly it was just so-so. It's just the nature of the beast in pro work - all performers are paid to be there, so there's no telling if you will be attracted to your partner(s), and as a performer you usually have no say at all in who your partner(s) will be. As such, too much pro stuff ends up being a bit contrived, especially in comparison to the amateur stuff Steve and I have always done, where it's all about the sex and the living out of an actual lifestyle....we are in full control of who we shoot with and no one is paid to be there, so it's always very genuine.

Don't get me wrong, I had several pro scenes where I was really attracted to my male or female partners (and vice-versa) and they were very good in bed and the sex was truly much so, in fact, that Steve and I would invite them over to our place for off-camera fun, or to shoot "amateur style" for my site. But these instances were the exception, not the rule.

So, was there a major problem of some sort? No, not at all. We met some great people and we met some real jerks; I had some amazing sex, some so-so sex and some lame sex; some days were great and others were other words, it was just anything else in the real world.

In the final analysis, once the excitement of the novelty wore off it started to feel too often like "work" and less often like "fun"...too often contrived and far less often "real". And if there's one thing that is true about the 13 years of amateur stuff Steve and I have shot is that we've always kept it both fun and real. And, finally, the fact is that I like that Steve is and always has been involved, personally and directly, in everything we shoot for my site...I like that bond and connection with him, and I really started missing it when shooting pro scenes. (Steve did, too.) After all, that's really what the "hotwife" thing is all about. It's a lifestyle for us. Without Steve present there is no hedonism to it.

So, with all that in mind - and with being fortunate enough to be able to walk away from the money - Steve and I recently had a long talk and decided that it was time to return to our roots as amateurs, as a couple, with him involved in every way, shooting only what we want to shoot, with people we want to shoot with who are there for the same reason I am - for the sex! It really just comes down to the issues of control and pleasure - when we are in control, the sex is real and the shoots are fun, never "work".

Do I regret ever going pro? No, I don't. As I've already said, I met some nice people, made a lot of extra money, had my "15 minutes of fame" and learned more about who I really am and who I am not. It also exposed my amateur stuff, via my web site, to a much wider audience. That said, I wouldn't change a thing. Like any big decision in life, it was a learning experience, both good and bad, and the two are inseparable. Now it's just time to move on and rededicate myself to my amateur roots.

For those of you who enjoyed my pro scenes (and there are a lot of you out there), I apologize, but this is a personal decision that I thought long and hard about. You may still see "new" scenes come out for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011 which were shot this year and have yet to be released, but that's it.

On the other hand, for those of you who, like Steve and I, much prefer our real-life, husband-and-wife-with-dirty-minds amateur stuff, you're in luck. You'll find us once again releasing new DVDs and iPod/iPhone movies every month, giving a renewed focus on Janet Exposed and even totally revising the old Janet's Foot Tease site. In other words, back to our old ways in every way!

Until next time...Happy Thanksgiving to my American fans and "cheers" to everyone else!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

October/November Update!

Hi guys & gals!

Since my last entry a little over a month ago, Steve & I spent 3 weeks shooting "niche" clips with fans - specifically, handjobs, which is one of my favorite kinks. There's just something so hot about making a cock squirt with just my hands, especially a total stranger's! I love that feeling of "control".

We're now "done" for more shooting, either for my site or pro work. Like most people, we'll be gearing up for the holidays and spending time together as a family...all while keeping the site updated, of course.

Other than wrapping up 3 weeks of shooting for my site, the only other "news" is for those who are into my pro work, which I have cut way, way back on. For those who do enjoy my pro video scenes, there are two new ones interracial/huge cock scene with Flash Brown for Blacks on Cougars, and a MILF/Younger Man scene with the super-hung British stud Kieran Lee for Brazzers.

Other than that, nothing new or exciting to report. Until next time...Happy Holidays! :-)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Off-camera (well, sort-of) play with a young white boytoy!

As you all know, Steve and I truly are into the "hotwife" lifestyle. After all, that's how we started off before going online so many years ago! While we share an enormous amount of our lifestyle on my site, we still like to play without lights, video cameras and model releases and just have an indulgent, hedonistic time with no "business" purposes whatsoever. So, two nights ago, we did just that with a hot, muscular young 20-something stud who has become a perennial favorite of mine. Although he will remain nameless for privacy's sake, I can tell you this...he is white, in his mid-20's, super-handsome, works as a model (think "GQ" looks), has an amazing body from years of working out, is quite well-endowed, has the staying power of a bull and is as crazy about me as I am about him. Every time we get together, it's a mind-blower!

Even after over 20 years together, Steve still loves to pamper me and the other night's fun with this "fantasy boytoy" was a complete surprise gift. As it turns out, Steve had contacted our young friend and started setting everything up days ahead of time, informing me of it only that morning after he had worked out all the details. To say that I was instantly aroused when Steve told me that I was going to have an entire evening with one of my absolute favorite young boytoys would be an understatement...I felt myself flush and get wet as soon as the words came out of his mouth! As the day went on, every time I thought about it my excitement grew and the sexual tension between Steve and I increased. (I love that feeling of slowly mounting sexual tension...)

Finally the evening arrived. To set the mood, Steve lit scented candles all over our hotel suite, put some sensual music on and drew a hot bath in the tub for me to luxuriate in while I sipped a glass of red wine and nibbled on dark chocolate and berries. So decadent! I took my sweet time getting ready, making sure to take care of all the little details...perfect hair, perfect nails, etc. After my bath, Steve helped me pick out some sexy satin lingerie from Victoria's Secret for me to wear and I laid down on the bed while he gently rubbed lotion into my skin, all over my entire body, and we talked about the evening ahead of us. Steve had quite a hard on in his jeans, I was already wet again and we were both shaking with anticipation!

Finally, my young lover arrived. What a hunk! I never get tired of looking at him. We all three sat down and had a little wine together....very little, as the sexual tension in the air was so thick right away. Both guys had their hands on me as I sat between them, getting more turned on by the minute. Not being able to resist any longer, my boytoy and I started making out (he's a fabulous kisser) while Steve was stroking my legs, my hair and my face gently, alternating that with kissing me on the back of my neck, my hands and my feet. Clothes started coming off in a flurry and I was instantly lost in lust, running my hands all over my boytoy's young, muscled body as we kissed. Steve continued to stroke me while whispering in my ear that he loved me, that I looked so beautiful, and told me to just let myself go. I was so flushed by now that my skin felt hot and "rashy" that is what the hotwife lifestyle is all about!

In moments we were all three in the bedroom and I was on my knees pulling this hot young dreamboat's jeans to his knees. His super-hard cock sprang out, beet-red with youthful vigor, bouncing right in my face and throbbing with his pulse over his large, dangling balls. Instantly I went into what I call "cock-worship mode", stroking and sucking his hard young member and caressing his balls while I looked up to watch his reaction. "Beautiful", I heard Steve say, and I looked over to find him with his pants down and stroking his own large and rock-hard cock as he watched me orally service our young friend, whose eyes were rolled back in his head as he moaned with pleasure.

The next thing I know I'm up on the edge of the bed with my young lover pulling my now soaking-wet panties aside and his hot, wet tongue touching my swollen clit while Steve gently grabbed my left ankle and starting sucking my freshly-pedicured toes. about sweet, indulgent, heavenly's hard to put into words just how decadent that felt!

The heat continued unabated and soon I was on my back, dripping wet and oh-so-ready for my hardbodied young stud to enter me. Steve then indulged me in a long-time fantasy of mine by straddling my face so that I could lick and suck his balls while he grabbed my ankles and pulled back my legs, holding them wide open for my young lover to plunge deep inside of me. The combination of our young friend's thick cock inside me while my own husband "opened me up" for him while I sucked his balls was oh so hot, oh so nasty...and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Steve pulled my ankles closer to his face and started sucking my toes again and licking my feet all over like they were ice cream cones! It was total sensory overload...the young cock fucking me, the light musky smell and taste of my husband's aching balls...the nerve-endings firing all over my body as he licked and sucked my feet...whew! My eyes rolled back in my head and I saw fireworks as I shuddered hard with my first of many orgasms for the evening, covered in sweat and breathing hard. Again, it was indescribable decadent, so us.

My lover, being so young and full of energy, wasn't about to rest, though. We continued to fuck in many different positions, kissing deeply, licking and stroking each others bodies and moaning like animals while Steve watched, slowly stroked his engorged cock and encouraged us. Soon I climbed on top of my boytoy's ultra-hard young cock to ride him when Steve surprised me yet again by living out yet another taboo fantasy of mine...grabbing my ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart and tonguing my asshole as I rode my young admirer's cock.

Oh my God....the feeling was indescribable! I totally lost it, slamming down hard onto my young lover's cock while pushing my ass back hard into Steve's face, trying to drive his hot tongue as deeply into my asshole as I could...totally lost in animal-like lust again. Suddenly the pleasure became overwhelming and I screamed loudly, diggng my nails hard into my young lover's chest while I climaxed with a long series of violent shakes and jerks while moaning unintelligibly, like a woman possessed by pure lust. (Which, of course, I was!)

Whew! Orgasm #2 for me, and I'm so sweaty that it looks like I just walked out of a sauna. But neither hubby nor my young lover had come yet. Gotta love feeling that pampered!

With no rest at all, my young lover was on top of me again, fucking me furiously with all the vigor of his youth, and I was begging for him to pump his hot young cum deep inside of me as I grabbed the hard cheeks of his muscular ass and dug my long red fingernails into them. That was all it took, after all that holding back for so long on his part... his eyes rolled back into his head and he groaned loudly as he shot off deep inside my soaking pussy, filling me with spurt after spurt of his virile young seed. I love a hot, gooey creampie and my young lover did not disappoint...his load was huge! I loved looking at it ooozing out of me and showed it off to the boys, who gawked at the mess he had made in me, now gushing out all over the sheets as I played with it like a kid in a candy store.

Unlike many single guys who play with couples, this one knows his place...he knows that he is just an extra man for extra fun, not a replacement for Steve, so after a quick moment of rest as they both massaged my sweaty body, he took a quick rinse in the shower and left Steve and I alone to connect as a couple. Still naked, still sweaty and with another man's cum leaking out of me, Steve and I snuggled on the bed as he kissed me, told me he loved me and said how incredibly beautiful and sexy I looked that night as I fucked my young lover. Of course, he was also hard as a rock again, having not come yet...and I was still horny! So I flipped over onto my knees, arched my ass high up into the air, and asked him to fuck me hard and fill me with his own load. Wasting no time, he drove his big, throbbing cock into my sloppy, cum-filled pussy in one fell stroke. I told him to hold still as I fucked him by backing up onto his cock slowly, over and over again, twisting my hips from side to side while I told him how much I love the way he spoils me with hot young studs and how amazing it felt as he stroked my body, sucked my toes, licked my feet and tongue-fucked my ass while I was lost in wild abandon with my young lover. (Oh, that and how wild it was to lick and suck his musky balls as I got fucked by another man!)

Well, that did it...losing all control, hubby grabbed my hips hard, held me firmly in place and started fucking me so fast and deep that I thought we'd both fly off the bed! Within a minute he tensed up, moaned like an animal and starting filling my creamy pussy with his hot, sticky second load of the night! Whew! There's something soooo incredibly kinky about having more than one man ejaculate inside me one right after the other. What a night! Exhausted and sweaty, we crumbled into the sheets and fell asleep in each others arms, waking up 10 hours later, still snuggling and with big Cheshire cat grins on our faces.

Although we did not intend to "shoot for the site", Steve did take some photos of the evening's fun for our personal use as well as our young friend's...but we ended up with so many good ones that there are simply far too many to post in the blog, so these few images are all you get to see...just enough to let your imagination fill in the holes! (We will post the rest of the photo series in the members area of my site soon.)

Oh, yes...Steve's got another off-camera surprise for me tomorrow night...this time with a SUPER-hung black stud that we've met with several times, both on-camera and off. What a great trip this has been!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching up after a busy summer!

Hi guys & gals!

A lot has been going on since my last blog update. So why haven't I updated it in so long? Well...because, in my opinion, most of the "news" just isn't that interesting. However, it's easy to forget that my fans may want to hear most of the "news" in my life so that they feel connected to me. To those fans who feel that way, I apologize and vow to try to be better about updating this blog.

So...what's been happening since my last update in June? Lots! Most of it mundane and not related to the "adult" realm, such as our kids being out of school for the summer (read: even more family time than usual and, of course, less time "adult" time than usual) but some of it video shoots with fans for my site, two trips to L.A. for select pro scenes, etc.

I'll start with June. With the kids out of school, that always means family vacation time (and I don't discuss my personal family life with fans, hence no posts about that), less time online, and no time for webcam shows. But the kids did end up taking a vacation at their grandparents' place and during that time Steve and I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Florida, where I met with fans for video shoots for my site, private foot worship sessions for my "foot fans" (which are not recorded), a few pro modeling gigs and one pro scene with a young guy for the Bang Bros "MILF Soup" site. We even got in some nude beach time at Haulover Beach, which is one of our favorite beaches anywhere. (You've got to love a nude beach that is not only legal, but is actually funded and operated by the local government and even has police to keep the weirdos under control.) Great trip! :-)

For July it was mostly more family time, but the kids did end up going to camp for a spell so, with nothing else planned, Steve and I went out to L.A. for the first time in several months where, as usual, we met with fans for shoots for my site, I met a several "foot fans" for private foot worship sessions, and I also did several pro video scenes - interracial with (and for) the legendary Sean Michaels, interracial with Flash Brown for Blacks on Cougars, two "MILF/Cougar" shoots with young studs for the Brazzers Network, another MILF/Cougar shoot for Penthouse with the handsome young dreamboat Rocco Reed, an interracial FMF threeway with LT and Taylor Wayne...and yet another MILF/Cougar shoot for Naughty America's "My First Sex Teacher" series. Whew...all that on top of sex with Steve every single about a satisfied woman! Yet another great trip, and it was followed by three more professional modeling gigs in Atlanta and Orlando. Truly a very busy, productive and fun month!

August was spent almost entirely on family time, with the exceptions of two professional glamour and fine art modeling gigs in Atlanta. When the kids went back to school at the end of the month, Steve and I took a much-need breather from site work, no pro work, no modeling...just well-deserved time off!

With our batteries fully charged by early September, things started getting busy again. Modeling shoots and private foot worship sessions in Atlanta, the start of offering weekly webcam shows for my site members...and a another great week-long trip to California! The first four days were spent hours north of LA...Steve and I spent two days off for "couples time", walking the beaches and exploring the delightful historic downtown area of San Luis Obispo (one of our new favorite California towns, right up there with Santa Barbara) before heading about an hour and a half south to stay at a horse ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley for 2 days to shoot for Girlfriends Films, where we ran into our old friends Deauxma and her husband Larry, who were also staying at the ranch with the GFF cast and crew. Wow, talk about relaxing! Our ranch house rental sat up high on a hill, with a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains and the valley below...and on top of that, the sex was great! I had one scene with the petite 18 year old Tabby and one with the exotic, sexy young Princezz. Both scenes were awesome...the kind you can't believe you're getting paid for! A lovely woman to please and be pleased by each day, and my handsome hubby to please and be pleased by each night. Gotta love that!

After my last scene with Princezz, Steve and I drove down to the LA area to shoot with fans, and I also did two more pro scenes...a "fitness porn" scene with TJ Cummings, and a 3D "POV sex" shoot for Penthouse (my first 3D shoot ever) with a well-hung newcomer named Pike Nelson. Plus a few amazingly decadent dinners at fancy restaurants with hubby Steve, followed by the usual "sex for desert"...he always loves to indulge me!

That leads us to today, September 22. Steve and I are actually headed back to L.A. again tomorrow for another week, where we'll be primarily shooting with fans for my site, but I'll also be offering private foot worship sessions to my "foot fans" and doing 1-2 pro scenes...but the who and what of that will have to wait til my next blog update after we get back home! ;-)

Until next time, stay safe and play safe!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog udpate coming...

OK, I know I promised to update the blog more often...but the fact is that I just haven't had much interesting to say, in my opinion. I'm not one of those types to blog-for-the-sake-of-blogging, jotting down every random thought that passes through my head, telling silly jokes, or posting photos of food that I'm about to eat, etc., like so many ladies do. And since neither Steve nor I are "partiers", there are no tales of debauchery or overindulgence in alcohol or drugs to share, either (which, to us, is a good thing).

On the other hand, I've been very busy lately...shooting with fans for my site, art & glamour modeling, and doing very select pro work in I suppose it's time to update you on all of that. As such....look for a new entry here in the next few days! But please, guys and gals, just don't expect me to turn this blog into a never-ending source of meaningless, trivial information or over-embellished stories of "exciting" things that actually didn't happen. That's just not my style.

See you all soon! :-)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where has Janet been?

I know, I seems like I've been "gone" for some time. But really, I've just been very busy with my private life...and, starting this coming week, I will be officially "back"! Back to regular site updates, back to regular blog entries, back to shooting new content (both for my site as well as very select, limited pro work) and back to regular tweeting on Twitter. I promise!

So, where do I begin? Some time ago I had posted on how doing so much pro video work at once really wasn't my "thing" back when we left Los Angeles to head back East. But, aside from that, the primary catalyst for us moving all the way back across country was the fact that Mother Nature did a real number on a home we own there soon after our renters moved out. I won't get into the details, but it required some serious renovations...and it was a new, gorgeous house! Packing up and moving coast-to-coast again within a year, with a family, to come "home" to a disaster was quite an ordeal. It was all very taxing on Steve and I, especially since it was holiday time. It seemed for a time there that our world had turned upside-down.

I did not deal with the stress very well. I started making "comfort food" as well as the usual traditional holiday foods, which we normally don't eat. It was an escape for Steve and I to sit down at home at the end of a long day of juggling things and have a glass of wine, sometimes 2 or 3...I won't lie. While living in L.A. we both stopped working out so we would have energy for shooting pro scenes as well as amateur scenes for my site and, on top of that, our eating habits had turned bad. Get up, have coffee, head to set, eat nothing and drink very little water so I wasn't "full" or "bloated" for the sex portion, 6-8 hours later head home totally exhausted not to mention starving and order food in from our favorite little Italian restaurant and yes, drink wine with dinner. It was the complete opposite of the very fit and healthy lifestyle we've lived for years.

With that new bad habit for starters, then the stress of our return move, pound after pound piled on. Don't get me retrospect I wasn't really that fact, I was not even clinically overweight...just overweight and out of shape by my own standards. I felt disgusted with myself and quite frankly, a bit depressed. So, eventually growing tired of my own "self-pity party", I focused on the one thing I could control health & fitness. With that in mind, Steve and I started hitting the gym hard again in January...just like we always used to do. By April we were going twice a day, 6 days a week...cardio in the morning and weights at night, all while eating completely "clean".

The result? I've lost 25 pounds since I started digging myself out of my hole in January and am actually in the best shape I've ever been in....I've got my "sexy" back! (Steve, too, is totally ripped and looks 1/2 his age again.) And during that time we repaired the damage to our beautiful home in no more stress in that regard, either.

In all honesty, when I don't feel good about myself, I just do NOT feel sexy...and having a site is all about being sexy. I didn't want to meet with other guys or gals, either on or off-camera. While I was doing the bare minimum of my cam shows (all the while getting nasty-grams from people about my weight... which didn't help) and answering e-mail and processing DVD orders, we both pulled away, emotionally-speaking, from the site. We've been online for 12 years now, sharing the most intimate part our lives with everyone and every once in a while, real life just happens. It's hard sharing your downs when people expect you to be happy, sweet and sexy 24/7. For awhile there I didn't even want to put on makeup or do my hair let alone get in front of a camera...and, likewise, Steve didn't feel like picking up a camera or even playing off-camera.

We LOVE having a web site...but at times it can be overwhelming. It really is just Steve and I that do this, alone. We are not some big corporate site with a staff (as we know some sites are). Real world catastrophes such as what happened to our house back east happen. All these things add up.

We have some new trips planned to shoot with fans after the great response to our recent Ft. Lauderdale trip, and I'm recharged and ready to romp again. Ditto for Steve! So, in short, thank you to all of you who have hung in there with me and had faith in me. I hate to let anyone down! I wouldn't be here with out you and truly appreciate your support over the years. I had to pull myself up by my proverbial boot straps and get back in the game of life. While this might be more information than any of you wanted to know, (I usually don't get so personal)I felt I owed it to you.

Meanwhile, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of a new photo layout I'll be posting at Janet Exposed this week, taken from two professional glamour modeling shoots just this past week. I hope you like them...I'm in the best shape of my life, feeling sexier than ever and am ready to roll with a vengeance!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fan Meetings in Daytona Beach!

Steve and I will be in Daytona Beach, FL for our "real world" work from May 27-28 and, while we are there, I will be setting aside time to meet with fans who are interested in either:

1. Fan Meetings. That's right, meet and hang out with me one-on-one, all to yourself and get a personalized/autographed 8x10 photo of photo or video shoot required!

2. Worshiping my feet in a Private Foot Worship Session.

Obviously the second option will appeal to my foot fetish fans only...but there are tons of you!

As always, please see the Travel page of either of my sites - Janet Mason Exposed or Janet Mason's Foot Tease - for more info.

Hope to see some of you "live" in person soon! :-)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cock Worship Part 2: The Art of the Blow Job

As a follow up to my post on hand jobs, I thought I'd talk today about another serious love of mine..blow jobs! I just can't help but succumb to my oral fixations when a beautifully erect cock is bobbing in my face. I love to grab a cock by the base, pull it toward my mouth, open wide and stretch my mouth around it. Using my tongue on the underside, feeling that "V" and cupping my tongue there so it "suction cups" to it. Then tracing the ridge of the swollen head with the tip of my tongue. I explore every inch, up and down the shaft. And then there are the balls...I love balls! First I drink in their musky, male scent and then start swirling my tongue all over them, sometimes playfully grasping the skin of the man's sac gently in my teeth and tugging ever-so-lightly. By that point I'm totally lost in my "cock worship" mode. I'm always encouraged as a man reacts to my oral skills...feeling him tense up with pleasure, letting out a moan and then surrendering control to me...

After tending to the guy's balls (which most women shy away from...or at least don't pay enough attention to) I trace my tongue back up their now throbbing member. I linger at that little "V" again for a moment to feel the swelling of the head. It's like their cock has a life of its own now, twitching and pulsing uncontrollably. Then, I look up at them with my big blue eyes, open my mouth wide and wrap my soft lips and warm wet mouth around the head. I love watching the reaction on their face after having built up the intensity first. It's a pretty widely known fact that the bigger the cock, the better for me, so when I can wrap both my hands from the base up and still have plenty of cock to suck on, I'm a girl in her glory. I grab on firmly and start slowly sucking the shaft into my mouth. I the start a little twist of my head as I suck hard on the way up as if stroking it with my mouth. Now, I'm lost in my aching lust to pleasure the guy and tease him to a spurting orgasm in my mouth. Not forgetting the balls, I reach down with one hand to tug on them while gripping the base of the shaft and sucking in big, juicy wet gulps. I can feel the tension increasing, reading the moans, heavy breathing and writhing of the man until his explosive release hits the back of my throat. That warm, salty burst of semen spurting on my tongue (which, after the build-up of of one of my blow jobs is usually several good, long spurts) drives me insane with pure animal lust. I try to hold it in my mouth to look up and show him...and then swallow. Mmmm, tasty rewards for my efforts!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Fan Meetings in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale!

Breaking news, guys...I just announced my first "fan meetings" for 2010!

Steve and I will be making trips to Atlanta (in April) and Ft. Lauderdale (in June), where I will be setting aside time to meet with fans who are interested in either:

1. Being in a photo or video shoot for my site with me, and/or
2. Worshiping my feet in a Private Foot Worship Session.

Obviously the second option will appeal to my foot fetish fans only...but there are tons of you!

Anyway...for the full scoop on the exact dates for each trip, etc., please see the Travel page of either of my sites - Janet Mason Exposed or Janet Mason's Foot Tease.

Hope to see some of you "live" in person soon! :-)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where we meet guys...and other couples like us!

Hi guys & gals, this is going to be a very brief blog entry, but also a useful one for some of you.

Steve and I are constantly asked by other couples, single men and even quite a few liberated single women where we meet the studs that I play with, where we meet other couples who are into the same lifestyle, and what, if any, sites we recommend for dipping one's toes into the lifestyle. Well, as it turns out, the answer is the same site for all three questions...The Lifestyle Lounge.

There are many, many lifestyle contact sites out there such as Adult Friend Finder (AFF) and Swingers Date Club (SDC) but we, like most people, quickly found that they are almost always plagued with a preponderance of fakes, losers and general time-waster types in comparison to a smaller number of "real" folks. We've tried these and other sites to no avail, and never stayed on as members for more than 30 days or so. On the other hand, we've been paying members of The Lifestyle Lounge for over 4 years straight, with no lapses. Now that says something about our experiences there! Sure, every now and then we get contacted by a poser, but it happens a lot less than at any other site we've ever tried over the past 15 years. Plus, it is very "single male friendly" in comparison to most other so-called "swinger" or "lifestyle" sites we've ever encountered, and the quality of the single guys is way, way above average.

So there you have it, guys and gals...we welcome you to check it out for yourselves, if you are curious. They have a 30-day free trial so it is risk-free. If you do happen to check it out, be sure to stop by our profile and say hello...our profile name is STEVEANDJANET...imagine that!

Until next time!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Steve Speaks: Why We Do What We Do, The Way We Do It (Part 1)

Hello all, and welcome to my first "topical" post.

One question which Janet and I have received from many people over the years is why we do what we which they usually mean why Janet plays with other men but I do not play with other women.

There are several answers to this question. This is a very broad topic, though, so be forewarned that my answers today will be very general and quick, literally coming off the top of my head, and certainly not complete in any sense of the word.

Before we begin, it needs to be said that Janet and I have a very active "normal" sex life together and always have. To us, this so-called "lifestyle" is just something extra that we do whenever the mood strikes us. Variety is the spice of life, as they say...and this just happens to be the kind of variety we enjoy in our personal sex life. This lifestyle does not define us as people but rather is just one of many common interests that we share. In a sense, a tryst with someone else in our bed is not unlike going out for a really nice meal at a fancy restaurant, enjoying a bottle of truly fine wine, and then having a desert afterward. A true hedonistic feast of the senses. Not something you'd do every day, or it would not be special anymore...but also not something you'd want to just only once a year, on the other hand, because you simply enjoy it so much.

That being said, the first answer is that it is not exclusively true that I don't "ever" play with other women. I do, but very rarely...and that is by choice. (Mine, not Janet's.) Members of Janet's site have seen proof of me with other women in video clips from several years ago in which she had her first-ever bisexual experience with the lovely mature icon Roni from Roni's Paradise . That night, after the ladies had their fun while Roni's husband, Lucky, and I watched and filmed and took photos, they started playing with Lucky and me, each wife with her own husband. Within minutes Roni and Janet started giving me a double blowjob while I filmed it...and then Janet started giving Lucky a blowjob...and soon Lucky and I were each enjoying the oral pleasures of each other's wife. So it does happen, but the fact is that it's a rare woman who turns me on the way Janet does. I've been with quite a few women in my life but no one "does it" for me like Janet, and that attraction actually grows with time. Taking into account the fact that we've been a couple for over two decades now, that's really saying something. It's common knowledge that most men lose physical interest in their partners over time, so I consider myself to be quite lucky that I find my wife more attractive over time. Janet also considers herself to be lucky knowing that, unlike most women, she does not have to worry about me "wandering" like so many husbands do.

Another reason that Janet is my almost-exclusive partner while she plays freely with others is that we have both found this arrangement simply works best for us because it is much easier for us as a couple to "click" with just one other party than it is with two parties. Any couple who has had a "swinging" experience knows what I mean here...too often either the other couple's husband is not your wife's type even though you find his wife attractive, or the other guy's wife is not your type even though your wife finds her husband to be attractive, or one of them is clearly not into one of you two. That leaves only two choices: either walk away, or someone has to "take one for the team" and have sex with someone they are really not into just so his or her partner can enjoy themselves...and neither Janet nor I have ever been the type to take one for the team. As such, we ended up walking away from so many couples that we soon found we preferred meeting with single men or women, with very few and rare exceptions.

So...what do I get out of it if Janet does 99% of the playing with others while I remain almost totally monogamous? Well, quite a bit, actually, and here are some (not all) of the reasons why I enjoy it:

1. I like to see Janet having sex with other people because I am a very visually-oriented person and somewhat voyeuristic in nature. Most guys are, which is why they (no matter what they may tell you, ladies) watch porn. What's better than watching porn? Watching real life sex, of course. And what's even better than watching strangers have sex? Watching the most beautiful woman in the world have sex, of course! And yes, I do consider Janet, my wife of over 20 years, to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Sure, I'm biased, but that doesn't change the allure of watching such a magnificent woman get off.

What's that, you say? Why don't I just "look at" Janet while I have sex with her myself in order to appease my voyeuristic side? Well, I do, of course (who has sex with their eyes closed?), but it's not the same and that should be rather obvious as there are visual aspects of sex that a participant can never see, which is one of the primary reasons people watch porn to begin with. (Not to sound cocky, but watching porn because of a lack of a partner to have actual sex with has never, ever been a reason for me.) If you're right in the middle of the playing field, so to speak, you can't see the whole game. Also, my own intense physical pleasure when having sex with Janet (who is a truly amazing, giving and talented lover) makes it difficult to appreciate every single nuance of her body and to see her own personal enjoyment right at that moment, and there is nothing - I repeat, nothing - that turns me on more than seeing my wife in the throes of pleasure.

2. Janet is very much an exhibitionist by nature and enjoys both being looked at and admired while nude or scantily clad. She also has a particular kink for being watched while having sex - not just by me but by others, too...especially strangers - hence the birth of her web site, DVDs and video clips 12 years ago. In other words, we're on the exact same page...neither of us is the "leader" or is pushing the other into something he or she is not genuinely into, hence no "problems" arise...only mutual pleasure.

3. It makes Janet feel even more beautiful and sexy than ever. Let's face it, guys, making a woman - any woman, no matter so she is - feel beautiful and sexy isn't always so easy after years of marriage. You may tell her that she's beautiful every single day and mean it...but, if you're like me, you're biased and she knows it. What absolutely, positively convinces her that she's beautiful and sexy is attractive strangers showing obvious physical attraction to her and chomping at the bit to fuck her brains out. Then she knows that not just me but other men, too, find her beautiful and sexy, which does great things for both her self esteem and her libido. Short version? She ends up feeling sexy and desirable a lot more often, which is something any man should want for his wife...and a by-product of that feeling of desirability is that she wants sex more often, which is a bonus for her husband.

4. There are some things one guy simply can not do by himself. I'm a very considerate lover and I always want my partners to have the most intense, powerful orgasms they can achieve, as many times as they can achieve them. But what if it turns out that what really gets your lady's motor running is the idea of one guy going down on her while another guy sucks her nipples? Or the fantasy of sucking on a cock while getting fucked at the same time? Or to have a group of men caressing and massaging her body from head to toe while she has sex with one of them after another? Clearly one man alone simply can not do these things. What if she truly loves sex for its own sake, is multi-orgasmic and and can easily outlast any one single male partner in bed, no matter who he is? If your wife is such a woman, as Janet is, then the only way to really rock her world is to bring in another man. (Or two or three or...)

Not every man is confident enough or comfortable doing so, but I am. This allows me to give Janet sexual experiences that she could otherwise never have. I am never jealous as I know that I am Number One in her life...a fact that is clear not only to me but to anyone who knows us (and we've met many fans over the years) that Janet clearly adores me as much as I adore her. After all, it's not like she "dates" men or has ever cheated on me (clearly, she has no reason to do so)...this is something we do as a couple at all times, and only when the mood strikes. And if my sexuality were not so oriented toward "giving" more than it is to "taking", Janet would equally enjoy sharing me with other women, which I've already addressed earlier.

In this light, jealousy is a weakness. If you are jealous of your wife having good sex, where does it end? Do you key they guy next door's Jaguar? Do you slander and wish ill will upon anyone who has something you don't, or who achieves something you haven't? Personally, it makes me happy to see my wife happy. It’s a natural reaction and one of the reasons we are still happily married after more than 20 years together, whereas quite literally 100% of the folks we know personally who oppose our lifestyle are either divorced (sometimes more than once), stuck in miserable, dead-end relationships or repeatedly find themselves alone and lonely, seemingly unable to find a partner who suits them. Worse yet, some of them cheated on their spouses or significant others prior to the dissolution of their marriage or relationship, or were victims of a cheating partner themselves. (And they are going to tell us how to live? We think not.)

Obviously I have only scratched the surface here and this post will, in turn, lead to still more questions...some of them totally valid and others simply stupid. I will attempt to address them all - both the valid and the stupid - in Part 2 of this entry, to be posted as soon as I find the time. Until then...


Friday, February 26, 2010

New Amateur DVD Release! Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 6: "Mann Meat In The Morning"

I know, I know...I've been "quiet" lately on the blog and site. Sorry, guys and gals, but Steve and I have been very, very busy with our "real world" life now that we've returned to strictly amateur status. But things are looking up now and you'll be hearing a lot more form us soon!

In keeping with that, it's been almost 4 months since I released a new amateur-style DVD on my site so I think this one, entitled "Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 6: Mann Meat In The Morning", will thrill both new fans and old fans alike!

Richard Mann - he of legendary-size cock, balls and sexual stamina - flew out to visit Steve and I for a entire weekend of hot, steamy sex, most of which wecaptured on video or photos for posterity. Richard and I fucked like animals for 3 1/2 straight hours that Friday night after he landed at the airport...and Steve caught the action in a long series of photos (which are coming soon to the members area of my site). The next morning, as Steve and I were having our morning coffee and discussing the previous night's fun, Richard woke up and came down to join us...only to have us ending up dropping our bathrobes and fucking like animals again, right in the kitchen, while Steve rolled tape...and that is what you'll find on this new DVD.

That evening we fucked yet again, right in front of the fireplace and by candlelight...and that hot action is coming up for next month's DVD release.

Then on Sunday morning we fucked again, with Steve joining, sadly, there are no photos or video from that morning.

Finally, with only 30 minutes to go before taking Richard back to the airport to catch his flight, Richard was still horny and asked me to give him one of my famous handjobs for a last-minute quickie...which, of course, I did, milking another massive load of cum from his gigantic black balls, and which Steve also caught on tape. about a sex-drenched weekend!

Check out the Store at my site for 33 sample stills and a free 2-minute preview clip. This one is destined to be another classic!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Steve Speaks!

Yep...that Steve. Steve Mason. Janet's husband. Also known (to our fans, at least) as "The Luckiest Bastard in the World". (I won't go into some of the other names I've been called by those who don't like what we do...not because I'm afraid of being offensive but merely because neither I nor Janet really care.)

Welcome to my first-ever post here. As Janet has promised, I am finally going to start contributing to her blog on a recurring basis. Not only do we both feel that hearing from the two of us will present to Janet's fans a more balanced, realistic view of who we are and what we do but it has also been a longstanding request from many of you, albeit one I've firmly resisted until now. (Needless to say, those of you who aren't interested in hearing from me can, and should, simply move on to one of Janet's posts.)

As most of you know, Janet and I have been a couple for over 20 years now. That's a long time by any particular, much longer than the large majority of folks we personally know who consider our sexual lifestyle to be "wrong" have made it in their own (and, uh, "right") marriages and certainly long enough that even the most willfully ignorant of souls would be forced to admit we're in a serious, committed relationship...even if it's one which doesn't match their own personal view of what that entails.

As such, there is no Janet without Steve...and, likewise, there is no Steve without Janet. That goes for both the web site as well as our personal lives. Everything we do, we do as a team. So why not the blog?

This first post isn't intended to address any particular "topic". It's merely an introductory post to say hello to those who've not yet heard from me (believe it or not, after nearly 12 years online I get a lot of my own personal fan mail from fans of our sites and DVDs) and to let you know that I will soon be making future posts on a variety of subjects as they apply to the lifestyle Janet and I lead, our beliefs about it and anything else related to it and the web sites and video work we produce. Feel free to email any serious requests you may have for posts based on the "husband's perspective"...but be sure that you've read the FAQ page of Janet Exposed prior to writing (as I won't repeat here what's already been thoroughly addressed there) and, of course, understand that any hostile, facetious, willfully ignorant or otherwise childish questions or statements will be ignored without exception.

That's it for this post, then, I suppose. Until next time!

Steve Mason

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Webcam Show Today!

I will be hosting my weekly, free 1-hour web cam show for my site members today at 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific. See you there, guys & gals! After the free show, I will be available for private, one-on-one cam shows through for about an hour or two. (You do not need to be a member of my sites for private shows, but you must purchase chips from

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Booble Girl of the Year Contest

Wow...I'm in the running for another contest! (Boy am I ever feeling very flattered today!)

In addition to being in the Top 50 for the 2010 Miss FreeOnes contest (out of 194 contestants) and one of twelve ladies up for the 2010 DanniGirl of the Year contest (since I won the DanniGirl of the Month for December 2009), I am also one of twenty-one ladies up for Booble Girl of the Year and could really use the voting support of my fans. Thanks, guys & gals!


2010 DanniGirl of the Year Contest

In addition to being in the Top 50 for the 2010 Miss FreeOnes contest (out of 194 contestants), it looks like I am also in the running for the 2010 DanniGirl of the Year contest since I won the DanniGirl of the Month for December 2009...I did not even find out until today, 18 days after voting started! That means I could really use your support. If you are a fan, watch my DanniGirl of the Month clip here and then please vote for me here. The poll ends January 29th so that's just 11 days to go! Thanks, guys & gals!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Cock Worship, Part 1: The Art of the Handjob

Like this photo? That's me on my knees in front of my darling husband, Steve...stroking his large, beautiful cock. It's a position that I spend a lot of time in. :)

I don't think it would be any surprise to tell you that I am absolutely, positively fascinated with cocks. Nearly obsessed with them, really. Whenever I'm on my knees with a beautiful penis in front of my face - especially if it's a really big one - I go into what I call "Cock Worship" mode. Just gazing at a large, erect, throbbing member gets my heart all aflutter. I've been this way since the first time I ever saw one and, if anything, the lusty feeling I get is even stronger now that I'm in my 40's. I love how giving a good, long, tortuous handjob is both a dominant and a submissive act for me at the same time and it is an incredible rush to be able to make a man ejaculate so intensely with just my hands gently, lovingly coaxing him.

The first thing I want to do when I see a man's cock is touch it. I like to drag my delicate fingers lightly from root to the head, watching it twitch to life and engorge with blood. I then start using my long, red, perfectly manicured fingernails to trace the ridge of the flared and rapidly-expanding head. Then I wrap my hot little hand just under the ridge and do a feather stroke, tortuously slow, as I feel the hot tube of man-flesh get firmer and firmer. I love to tease, so I'll work the shaft and then suddenly stop, switching to another fingernail nail tease on the man's balls, hefting them in my palm, tugging at them and gently squeezing them, all while watching him react and melt under the control of my expertly-skilled hands. Then I'll work my thumbnail delicately on that little "V" at the bottom underbelly of his cock head, which usually makes any man moan loudly with exquisite pleasure. Next I transition to a slightly firmer grip and use a wrist-action technique, doing a few strokes just under the head, then going up and skimming over the entire head while moving in with my other hand at the base, squeezing and pumping patented double-handed "milking" action.

This is where most men go over the edge and reach the point of no return. My heart is racing knowing that they have totally surrendered to me and are on the verge of exploding. Anticipating their ejaculations (to me, there is nothing in the world quite as erotic as the sight of a hard cock throbbing and spurting streams of hot, sticky semen), I then go for the kill, using a more urgent, vice-tight grip combined with a steady, "coaxing" rhythm as the man twitches and grunts and groans, rushing toward his release. I love feeling of a cock suddenly tightening and "lurching" in my hands right before it starts spurting...and watching the cum shoot out is all the reward I need, especially if it's a huge load. (The more semen, the better!)

I've been mastering my handjob skills for years now. I was rather young and inexperienced when Steve and I met and I would literally spend hours just "watching" his cock and balls. (Steve was the first well-hung man I'd ever seen or had sex with, so that made my fascination all the more intense.) He'd let me play with it and explore all I wanted and I soon discovered that I loved simply "handling" his big, always-hard cock. Soon I was jacking him off every day, at least twice - first thing in the morning and as soon as we got home from school or work - and often even more. And that was on top of blowjobs (a topic for another blog entry to come) and "regular" sex!

Later, as we evolved into our current "lifestyle" over the years, I started indulging my kink for handjobs with other guys. Among the noteworthy, momentous handjobs I have given are to a guy named Curtis, whose gigantic black cock I actually stroked off to an unbelievably massive load all over my wedding ring as Steve filmed the action. It was (and still is) one of the biggest loads I have ever seen any man shoot, and you can see me flush deeply and visibly shake with arousal as we all three watched in total amazement. (To Steve and I, having Curtis shoot his load directly onto my wedding ring was not a defiling thing but rather a highly-erotic symbol of the openness and honesty of our relationship.) The sex that ensued after that was all the better - Curtis truly fucked me into oblivion, and I still get hot watching that DVD all these years later - but that is another story.) Another memorable time was when I milked another ultra-hung black stud, Richard Mann, right before we dropped him at at the airport to fly home. He, too, shot a massive load, literally yelling out loud as he spurted, all over my tiny white hand and my wedding ring. Afterward he was totally limp on the sofa and said he couldn't remember the last time he'd had "just a hand job". With us already having fucked and sucked all that weekend, he loved it.

As you know, I meet my fans of a regular basis to shoot handjob clips for my site and, of course, I still milk Steve anytime the urge strikes me...which is a lot! After 20 years together, he still loves it and never says "no". Sometimes I will use just my dry hands, sometimes a little lube, and just the other day I worked a huge load out of him while wearing a pair of black satin gloves. I jack men off so much that I have even dubbed our home massage table my "Milking Table".

All too often I have seen other women just grab on and start over-zealously yanking away at a guy's cock...No, no, no I say! No wonder most guys aren't satisfied with a handjob! Worship it...milk it. Many a fan can attest to my patent technique and true love of hand who's next?

BTW, Steve will be making his very first entry here on my blog this weekend, adding his commentary about his 20 years of experience with my handjob skills. Look for that post in a day or two!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free At Last!

Finally! After days of being trapped in our neighborhood, the snow and ice have melted (and the roads have been salted), enabling Steve and I to get out of our home area and and over to our office/ we just posted the overdue update to the members area at Janet Exposed! It's a great one, and Richard Mann, one of the most well-hung and highest-endurance studs I've ever had the pleasure of playing with! :) Here's a sample still from today's clip:

In other news, tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 14th) I will be doing my weekly webcam show for my members at both of my sites at 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific, and it looks like Thursdays at this time will be my new "permanent" webcam show schedule for the next few months.

Finally, I hope to post a new blog update sometime this weekend, detailing my intense love for giving of the kinks I've had since I was a girl and which gets more intense as time goes on.

See you online, guys and gals!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowed and Iced In!

Note: This blog entry is strictly for the members of my sites.

Hi guys & gals, we know we are behind on the weekly updates I promised for 2010 - we planned to post one on Friday the 8th, and it is now Sunday the 10th - but there is legitimate reason for the delay.

On Thursday, January 7th I did my weekly webcam show for my members from 1:00-2:00 PM EST at the apartment Steve and I use as an office/shoot location for the sites, which is located about 30 minutes from our home. While I was in the cam show it started snowing and icing on some of the local roads and, by the time I left for home there were already accidents happening. The weather grew worse as the day progressed, with record low temperatures and record amounts of ice that night and every day since. We have basically been "iced in", unable to leave our neighborhood, as the local gov't infrastructure is not used to dealing with such extreme weather conditions for this area and many roads are still closed today. As such we have not been able to get to our office/studio, where all the photo and video files for updates are stored.

That being said, it is supposed to get a bit warmer tomorrow (Monday the 11th) and, if so, we'll be heading out to the office as soon as the ice melts and will work on the update at that time. Thanks for your patience and let's hope the weather does in fact warm up so Steve and I can get the update online tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Miss FreeOnes Contest

Hi guys and gals, I am happy to announce that I am one of the contestants for the "Miss FreeOnes 2010" contest, which just started on January 1st and runs through the 31st. I actually forgot that I was in it, what with being so busy with moving and the holidays. Anyway, if you'd like to vote for me, please click here. The official rules state that you can vote once per day, every day, until 11:59 PM on January 31st. This is the first time I've promoted the contest so I am far behind on votes compared to the other girls. Thanks, everyone!