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Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

OK, I's been 10 weeks since I've updated my blog. Sorry, guys and gals! But a lot has been going on with Steve and I that has kept us very, very busy and obviously my family, work and personal lives take priority over blogging.

So, what have I been up to over the past 10 weeks?

Well, first, I was shooting a LOT...both a ton of pro scenes as well as hot new stuff Steve and I shot for my web site.

Secondly we were prepping for the relaunch of my old foot, leg, shoe and hosiery fetish site, Janet Mason's Foot Tease, which just relaunched the other day after a 4-year absence. (The original site ran from 1998-2005, and is back by popular demand.)

Thirdly, we were prepping for a move into a new house. Moving is never easy, especially when you have kids and pets!

And last but not least, we took a 3-week "vacation" from November 11 - December 1st, during which time we actually stopped shooting, spent some time with our kids and other family, moved into our new house and launched the foot fetish it was truly a "working vacation", but blogging was simply too much to fit in!

Anyway, I'm now "back in action"...and you will find another new blog entry from me soon, filling you in on everything that I've been doing in more detail as well as the plans that Steve and I have made for 2010! (Hint: Much of these plans involve a lot less pro video work and a whole lot more focus on my own web sites and returning to my "roots" as an well as a regular blog posts from Steve, so those who are interested can get the full "hubby perspective" on our adventures!)

I'm still on vacation until so that's it for this blog update. See ya soon!



Anonymous said...

Well Janet I understand your cutting back on the Pro work. I hope that some of your future pro work does contain gang bangs, big swallow scenes (mulitiple cocks) and mainly just interracial. I love your site and hope to see it just continue forever. I've never been a foot fan but I guess I am now!!! LOL!!!! Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...


I think many of us would love to hear Steve's thoughts on watching you suck and fuck big black cocks!!!
What does he feel when those huge black cocks are driven balls deep inside of you?

As for doing less pro work....I hope you get to do a few encounters with Mandingo. I love to see you take his black monster deep in your pussy!!

Anonymous said...


You deserve a break, since from what I've seen, you've been getting fucked senseless this year!....and still looking as hot as ever. I recently saw you in a double pussy penetration scene.....gorgeous!!!

Hope you take more cock in 2010, and I look forward to seeing that perfect ass getting stuffed and worshipped.

Anonymous said...

That's great news to me. Just an observation from a true fan....I always love the fact that you are not a fake at all. Your cream is living sexy proof that you are for real. I have noticed that the more "pro" stuff that you do the less cream that I am seeing. Not criticism!! Just reality. When you do the "Mr Big", "Lex", etc... scenes you are sooo hot because your wettness shows how truly turned on you really are. My wife even loves to see this as well. In most normal pro porn the girls look miserable, dry, uninterested, fake. IMHO That's where you differ from the rest. PLEASE stay true to your roots and do what you enjoy and what really gets you soaking wet with cream.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,

I hope that you will get stuffed by a lot of b(b)c's in the future. I really look forward to reading your hubby's perspective on your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you and yours a sexxxcellent holiday season!
Lustyregards, Alex

michael said...

hello Janet,
i'm french fan and dream to meet you for video pics etc i hope to seen one day kiss

Rex Venom said...

Hot and interesting site.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

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