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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Muy Caliente! My Hot Morning with Ariella Ferrera

I don't know if it is the full moon, the triple digit heat, or what...but my lust for hot, sexy, sensual women has been insatiable this week...and that's really saying something for a woman who is as cock-crazy as I am! Feeding my feline lust today was the super sexy Columbian temptress Ariella Ferrera, who I had recently met on the set of a shoot for Penthouse. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her...I was in the make-up chair being fussed over by my stylist when she walked in the door...and I was instantly attracted to her. As soon as I could, I went over to introduce myself. Ariella is ultra-feminine from her hair right down to her toes and it was a definite "lust at first sight" thing for us both. We hit it off immediately and it was obvious that the attraction was mutual, so we exchanged phone numbers. I was so turned on talking with her that I was actually texting Steve from the set to tell him how incredibly hot she was.

Anyway, after a few emails and phone calls back and forth, we decided to get together and have some natural, unscripted girl/girl fun for our web sites. Needless to say, it wasn't hard to sell Steve on the idea...he took one look at Ariella's photos and said "You expect me to film you having sex with this gorgeous Latina? Twist my arm!"

Well, today was the big day. Ariella and her sweetheart of a boyfriend, Devon, came over to our place this morning and to say we had "chemistry" is an understatement!

As soon as we could, we started licking and kissing and nibbling each other. Ariella is an amazing kisser and I do mean amazing...she had me wet in seconds and I could see Steve sweating and hard through his pants as soon as we opened our mouths to each other! Soon Ariella went down on me and ended up working her finger deep into my asshole as she licked and sucked my swollen clit...and then ramped things up a notch by using her favorite vibrator in my ass as she continued to eat me and that was all it took...WOW did I explode! (Seems the ladies are leading the way in helping me with my "anal training" as of late..)

Next it was Ariella's turn. She had only one prior experience with the Hitachi Magic Wand (my favorite toy) and that was without the G-Spot attachment (which I always use without fail) so, with one good orgasm deserving a return favor, I ravaged her beautiful pussy with it to a sweaty, quaking orgasm.

Still giddy from our mutual orgasms, we kept squeezing one an others huge tits while kissing sensually and purring like kittens...and then I took her for her first ride on my Sybian! (My other favorite toy...) Ariella straddled it while I mastered the remote control. I started off on a low setting then turned it up a little, then up again...then up again, then down...back and forth in a tortuous tease that had her teetering on the edge of bliss once again. I continued to toy with her, caressing her and tasting her body with my tongue. Ariella was soon breathing hard and covered in a feverish sweat when she suddenly exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm once again.

It really turns me on to make another woman cum, so I was not ready for our time together to end...and neither was Ariella! She then turned the tables on me, having me mount the oh-so-powerful toy as she took control of the Sybian this time. She kissed my neck and licked my ear while slowly but surely turning the vibration intensity knob higher and higher until I exploded with a super-intense (and totally unexpected) squirting orgasm....I literally sprayed my own juices all over the Sybian! Whoa...that was a backbreaker of an orgasm if ever I had one!

We were both all sweaty and lightheaded from two incredible orgasms a piece and we kissed, giggled and stroked each other in a way that only girls can do to each other as Steve stopped the camera and we all relaxed and relished the moment. Needless to say, I can't wait to get my hands, and mouth, and other parts on Ariella again...maybe we'll have to share a hot guy (or two) next time!


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Anonymous said...

Janet, you are really progressing into the Girl/Girl scene big time. And when it comes to the women you'r work with women of color is impressive. You really are like the UN of the adult business.

By the way your latest DVD is selling like fire cause it's interracial and it has YOU in it. Why would you expect any less with your beauty and passion!!