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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Afternoon Delight with India Summer!

I have been finding all kinds of hot new bisexual ladies whom I love shooting pro work with lately, but have been trying for months to get together with India Summer for some more authentic sex and film it for my web site and hers. India and I first met while on a shoot for Naughty America nearly a year ago, in which we both tag-teamed a hot, muscular stud. We really hit it off well and the sexual attraction sparks were flying between us on that set...there was no need to "act"!

Anyway, we both are super-busy ladies and kept trying to find the time to get together again on our own terms but it never seemed to work out. But we did keep running into each other on other sets and even at a local restaurant one day, and over time we developed a great base friendship. Well, today ended up being the day we had both been waiting for! The stars aligned and we finally got the chance to explore each others bodies and, wowzer, the sparks just flew! Steve kept trying to rope us in so he could take a photo of us as we had a hard time keeping our hands and lips off each other before we even started shooting! He finally got the shot above...look at the devilish look on my anticipation!

Finally, Steve got his video camera started rolling and the sexual tension that had been building all this time finally was unleashed. We started kissing passionately...and you all know I love to make out! India is an incredible kisser which is something that never fails to really get me going. We started off so sensual with lots of caressing and kissing, teasing one another out of our clothes, finding hot spots, kissing and licking...her tongue on my lower back, me licking the back of her knee and nibbling up her thigh....slowly building in intensity until she was fingering my now-very-juicy pussy while rimming my asshole...incredible! Then she slipped her finger inside my tightly puckered asshole, too, and started finger-fucking me, both holes at once, to my first earth-shaking orgasm. After briefly recuperating, I returned the favor by first licking her clit and then sucking it into my mouth, delighting in her sweet juices until she came, too...and then the toys came out! India plowed me from behind with a strap-on dildo (something Steve had never seen anyone do to me before...he was amazed) and in no time I reached my second climax...and then I treated her to my very favorite vibrator ever, my Hitachi Magic Wand with the G-spot adapter, as I looked into her eyes while she quaked with pleasure during her second orgasm! Even then we couldn't stop touching and kissing each other and the chemistry was incredibly intense. Steve loves watching me, but this encounter had him sweating and hard as a rock...I think the next time we'll both give him a blow-job for some much-needed relief!

In closing, all I can say is "Wow!"...India, you rock! And guys, you will love the DVD and clips when they come out. Ditto for India's in-the-works web site of her own!




Chris in Montana said...

This sounds super hot. I love watching anybody service Janet's gorgeous ass. I can't wait to see more.

I would love to see Janet do a scene where several guys came on her ass instead of her face. Imagine Janet with her ass arched up and cum dripping down her cheeks and into her pink places. I could save up some ranch dressing for that!

Keep having fun.

Firey88 said...

India is one of my fav's as well, :)

asian said...

Janet, one thing I loved about you in the beginning was that you was an amateur house wife enjoying large black cocks.

The thought of you going pro, totally turned me off. If it's true that you are no longer going pro, then I am happy and look forward to your new adventures as a house wife just enjoying nice black cocks.