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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Bi Girlfriend - Gabby Quinteros!

Steve and I met with the sexy Latina MILF Gabby Quinteros for lunch yesterday afternoon to see if we would hit it off. Gabby is a petite, gorgeous Mexican mother of two and I could hardly wait for lunch to be over to get back to the apartment to have her for "desert". Steve could tell I was into her...he liked her, too!

We dashed off to the shoot apartment/office that Steve and I keep and while Steve was still setting up the camera Gabby and I already had our hands all over each other and lips locked. Gabby is an incredible kisser, which is something that is a total turn-on for me. Our slow, sensual kissing soon became more passionate as we started to explore each others bodies. Soon we had peeled each others clothes off and were kissing and licking each others hard, erect nipples and probing our sopping-wet pussies with tongues and fingers. Gabby juices were so sweet to the taste that I was drolling! And Steve was loving it, too...I could see his big cock straining hard against the crotch of his jeans. After a while I brought out my Hitachi Magic Wand and introduced Gabby to the deep vibrations of that amazing toy while kissing and touching her. After she came - hard - she then returned the favor, working her fingers deep into me while I let the wand vibrate on my swollen clit until I literally burst in a squirting orgasm. That's right...I squirted, hard, all over the couch! Wow...hours later and I was still reeling from my orgasmic bliss. Of course, I didn't neglect Steve...I gave him the blowjob to end all blowjobs in bed that night, taking his big cock all the way down my throat before swallowing every drop of his hot, sticky cum. Whew!

It has been a while since I've met a lady that really can get me going like Gabby did...wait until you see the action on DVD and video clips at my site!



Anonymous said...

So, you have learned to deep throat? I've seen scenes where you have swallowed a good bit of a guys cock. It is a real turn on. What I am enjoying most about your pro work are the new things and techhniques you are learning and doing. I hope you get the scene with Gabby up quickly. The visions in my mind surely cannot compare with the actual.

Ramiro said...

This new scene is muy caliente! But of course you are still the best! I hope Steve had fun.

Anonymous said...

Janet, love your pro work and a long time admirer of you amateur work. How is the "anal training" going? I want to be first in line to buy your first anal pro video!