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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm In The News! My First Adult Press Articles...

It's a exciting yet odd feeling to find out that I am being written about in the national adult industry press. On the one hand, it's very flattering to be called a "rising star" and "Ultra-MILF"...but on the other hand, it's a little embarrassing because I'm still "just little old me", an amateur at heart, doing what I love...having lots of great sex and still running my amateur site with my hubby, Steve! I keep thinking to myself, "Do I really deserve this kind of attention?"

For those of you who may be curious, check out these articles in AVN:

Janet Mason: Taking It Black - AVN, March 20, 2009.
(Teaser story for my forthcoming AVN interview next Thursday.)

Rising Star PR Signs Janet Mason - AVN , March 17, 2009.
(Article on my signing with Rising Star Public Relations.)

Tina Tyler Performs in Mercenary's 'MILF Magnet 3' - AVN , February 17, 2009.
(Not about me per se, but my name is mentioned and some very complimentary things are said about me by AVN and Lexington Steele.)

That's it for now, but when more articles are published I'll be sure to post them here. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, everybody!



Anonymous said...

God I'm glad I have Sirious Radio. I'm going to love listening to Janet On Playboys Night Calls!!!

Janet you are incredible and fast becoming the #1 adult star in the business.

smovbuf said...

When you start getting articles written about you in AVN, you know that you have arrived...Congrats, Janet. Here's hoping that we see more, more, more of you in the future.

David said...

I just hope you don't forget about us little people on your way to the top...just kidding. Congrats on all your success in the Industry. It couldn't have happened to a sweeter more beautiful woman. All the best.

P.S. I know I'm not alone in thinking how damn jealous i am of Steve, lucky bastard...