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Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm # 1 at Anilos Mature Women!

One of the first "pro" shoots I did was for a site called Anilos Hardcore Mature Women...this was way back in the summer, well before Steve and I moved to L.A. I thought I was just only going to be doing a single shoot with a guy (known as a "Boy/Girl" shoot in L.A. "pro" lingo)...but when I arrived at the studio, I found out that they wanted to use me for 4 solo photo and video shoots, too!

Luckily there was a nice array of fun "toys" for me to choose from. I played with a pearl vibrator that got me hot and bothered to start, especially because it was a gorgeous day and I was outside masturbating. Nothing like the air and sunshine kissing your skin as you are all worked up to a hot orgasm. Next I choose the "blue rabbit". I have a similar toy at home and love the vibrations of the little "ears" on my clit. I came so hard that I squirted! Next, I wanted to go back outside for some fresh air and while there, I picked a glass dildo. I had never played with one before and was very curious! Once again, I worked myself to ANOTHER squirting orgasm! Sometimes orgasms make me want to take a nice nap, and other times they get me totally charged up. Well, on this day I was super-charged and for my final solo clip grabbed a trusted, favorite of mine, the Hitachi Magic wand...always a great release with the famous wand! I came super-hard again...4 super-intense orgasms in a row, and two of them "squirters"...boy do I love being in my sexual peak..I was still raring to go for more! Then I did my scene with my male partner (known as "male talent" in L.A. pro porn lingo) and we had a wild, highly charged romp on the sofa, where I came again. We had a great scene and I was reeling after 8 hours of sex and several orgasms. I came home and told Steve all about it which had him hard as a rock knowing I had so many orgasms in one day...I asked him to bend me over and take me right then and there, still clothed. With Steve's huge, hot load still dripping out of me, we decided to go out for a bite to eat as I was starving. After a lovely dinner and glass of wine, with hubby's cum leaking out of me the whole time, we went home and I slept like a baby that night!

I recently visited the Anilos Hardcore Mature Women site and found out that all 5 of my scenes are up and apparently they have a rating system which has me as the #1 MILF on the site! I'm sincerely honored to know that people are enjoying watching me as much as I enjoyed showing off! If you'd like a peek, just follow the link...

Warm, wet smooches~


Greg said...

I just finished watching Big Tittie Milf #4 with Janet. As usual you were damn hot. But, something else occurred to me. The scene was a bit disappointing only because the photography could have been much better. The best potog you've worked with is your hubby Steve. In fact, he is among the best. Steve, have you considered working behind the camera in the adult industry?

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion. I'd also like to see Steve's cock in Janet on film, especially part of an interracial DP. Could you imagine his big white sausage in her ass while a massive black dong is stuffed in her pussy?

Rod said...

Wow Janet - super hot! Those dildos are awesome.

First time I have seen you squirt!