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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cougar Paradise: Two Young Studs In One Day!

Today was a banner day for a confirmed cougar...I actually enjoyed the pleasure of TWO young lovers in the same in the morning and one in the evening! Oddly enough, both guys are Swiss, the other British. Also, both are 25 years old, very cute, very well-hung, crazy about older women and big fans of my site.

The first young stud, Will, from Switzerland, is a cutie that I've played with a few times before and who will soon be appearing in pics, clips and DVDs on my site.

The second stud, Kieran, from Great Britain, was a "first-timer"...he's been a fan for a few years and we finally managed to connect now that we both live in L.A., and our encounter today will soon be featured on my site, too!

As usual, Steve was on hand to indulge my carnal desires for hard young flesh and to capture the fun on camera for posterity. With both guys the action went from very sensual at first, with lots of caressing and kissing, to all-out frenzied lust, with lots of hard-pounding, sweaty fucking...and both encounters ended with MASSIVE facials! Wow...I'm still reeling from the pleasure...each guy brought me to at least two orgasms and each plastered my face with ooodles of the hot, virile young cum I love so can't beat that!

And what about hubby Steve, you may ask? Well, rest assured that I did not neglect him...I gave him a killer blowjob and swallowed his load after Will left and then another one at night after Kieran left. That made a total of 4 loads of cum on my face and in my kind of day!

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Jman said...

Janet I love all the sex your having with all these young guys. I wish there were more blacks than whites. But I can't complain with all your putting out. All I can say is MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

Also Steve is the greatest man alive to share you with us. The man deserves a statue!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I prefer to see you doing black men, but any way I see you is OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet!
My name is Emilio, I'm 18 and I'm a 6ft-worked out body college stud form Peru. I've been your fan since 2008/9 I guess, I just love your work and love you!

You're the most beautiful woman in the world, as I said before, I LOVE YOU! Love the way you kiss your co-stars, love the way you smile and laught, your blue eyes, and, obviously, your breast, butt, legs, hairy pussy, asshole and your tiny little 4 and 1/2 feet! (I MISS YOUR FOOT-TEASE WEB!!) I love every single part of your perfect body! Only thinking of you make me a hard-on... Actually I have one right now, only thinking about you reading this! It's just... you know, every single inch of you is so suckable, fuckable and cum-onable (does that word exist?)

Think i've watched all your vids and jacked-off so many times that can't remenber! (I cum as much as Peter North).

I'll repeated it once again, I love you. I know I won't replace Steve and I didn't want it either, I respect him and think that he's the luckiest man in the world just because he's your husband! I'm as voyeur as him and love to watch you been fucked by a lot of men (actually, my desktop background is a picture of yourself totally covered by the bang-bro's sperm)toy!

I'd love to lick your asshole or pussy or kiss you even after been cream pied or facialed. I'll do that if only you ask me to. In other words, the thing I want the most is being your boy-toy!

I'd love to meet you and Steve one day and maybe, if I'm lucky, he could share yourself with me and have a threesome! I actually have a fantasy for all of us that I'll be glad to tell you, just add me
Can't wait for your answer!