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Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Pro Scene Release: Cougars In Heat!

Happy New Year, everyone! I am finally back from vacation and am busy updating my site as well as shooting new amateur content for it, but I wanted to let you know that Cougars In Heat just released my very first scene that I shot for them! In this scene, young muscular stud Mikey Butders (who has a MASSIVE set of cum-filled balls...yummy!) makes a bet with me that if he can do 100 pushups with me sitting on his back that I have to show him my nice, big, mature tits. Never did I think that he would be able to do them all...but the motivation to see my tits was so strong for Mikey that somehow he was able to summon a super-human inner strength that he never knew he had. I am so impressed that I decide to also suck his big, hard young cock and let him bend me over and fuck my tight, wet, mature pussy from behind! This is another must-see for those of you who enjoy seeing me in action with young white guys and/or other women. Check it out here!

See you online with fresh new amateur and pro stuff soon!

Janet Mason


J.R. LeMar said...

Awesome! Looks like a hot scene!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Your delicious butthole looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Janet- I've been a long time fan and you look better than ever! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...'s good to see you FINALLY taking young white cock. Hopefully we'll get to see you with guys who are not so "pro" as Mikey in their attitude and demeanor. More innocent and eager and intense. That would be HOT!

Our best to Steve - you guys are the A-Team of amateur porn and no one can touch you!

Bill & Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet & the young white guy scenes..any plans to do some on your own site? It would be hot to have Steve film you taking that seed from guys 1/2 your age deep inside your married pussy. I'd also love to see you jack some young studs off onto your wedding ring...that would be hot!

Anonymous said...

One of the best amateurs could become one of the best pros. Keep up the good work Janet. You are definitely good at keeping it up.