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Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Pro Scene Release: Please Bang My Wife!

Just a quick post today, guys & gals...for those of you who asked to be kept informed of the status of the pro adult video scenes I've started doing part-time, I just found out that the scene I shot for Please Bang My Wife has been released. Check it out! There is a free preview clip of the scene at this link and there are free preview pics at this one.

(Note: No, the black guy playing my "husband" is NOT my real husband, Steve. Steve is white and has radically different personality and "look" from this actor.)

Until next time!



Greg said...


Thank You for keeping us posted.


Jason Storm said...

Looks like a good scene. Although it's a little funny to see you playing a woman with a BLACK husband, who's cheating with a WHITE man, instead of the other way around.

But that's cool, I think. As much as I love seeing your IR sex scenes, I know there's lots of guys who aren't into that, so it's good for you to expand your audience like this. While your original fans can still check out your own site for the IR stuff.

CaribeBoyInRI said...

Lookin' good Baby-Gurl... Damn you really rode him hard, love that about you though... Take care and keep up the great work...


Anonymous said...

Dear Janet

Its wonderful to see you branching out and this must be really exciting for you and Steve. I love it.

Joooolz xx

Anonymous said...

Great video! You also have another scene just released in Naughty America. Too hot!!