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Friday, January 11, 2008

Lust in Las Vegas, Days 1-3

Well, I have finally found a few moments to sit down and tell you about what I have been up to the past couple of days!

Steve and I flew into Las Vegas late Tuesday afternoon. It was a really bumpy (scary) flight and a long day, but we made it. We got settled into our hotel and freshened up a bit to meet our friends Ty and Alexis Golden for dinner. I was ready to eat my own arm off I was so hungry. We found a great little Italian bistro in Treasure Island and we had some great linguine with olive oil, garlic, broccoli, garlic, and chicken...and did I mention garlic? Of course I needed a little red wine to enjoy. We had a blast catching up, hearing what Alexis had been up to the past couple of days and planning our time together. Steve and I were beat and by the time we got back to our hotel it was something like 1 A.M. East Coast time...

Wednesday we didn't have too much planned as we knew we would be we picked up some groceries, settled in and then went over to the Sands Convention Center to pick up our badges for the show. Things didn't run quite as smoothly as expected and it was hectic getting our passes. It all worked out in the end, but man were my feet sore after the running around in 4 inch heels! That night we met Deauxma and her hubby for dinner at Postrio in the Venetian. Deauxma is a sexy, sexy lady and we have a bunch in common. We hit it off great! We might be getting together for "more than just dinner" Saturday night. Keep your fingers crossed!

OK, OK...I know what you are thinking...where is all the hot action? Well, that started yesterday (Thursday) afternoon! My girlfriend Alexis Golden introduced me to a major hunk of man-stud...the one and only Richard Mann! Wow...what a gorgeous black monster cock Richard has. And talk about stamina in bed, this guy's got it in abundance. And if all that weren't enough, he's a great guy as well! Alexis and I tag-teamed him (or, should I say he tagged-teamed us!) for the better part of the afternoon. Oh my God was it intense! Wait until you see the action on video. This was a first for me in sharing a black stud with another woman and it was an experience that was completely unique. He used me like a rag doll and wow!

After being fucked senseless by this guy, Alexis and I needed to hurry up and clean up as we were due over at the AVN to sign! I had a hard time getting my head together I had so many endorphins coursing through me! So we were two very giddy gals primping in front of the mirror while reliving our "sharing" of that massive hunk of black meat. How many truly "girly girls" do you know that can share something like that?

Next, it was off to the PAW booth at the AVN Expo to meet our fans and make new friends. I know there's a big "shtick" factor at these sorts of events and knowing that conscientiously decided to be "me" and not take the typical "Porn Star" approach because I’m not one, but rather just a kinky hotwife who loves lots of sex and being "watched" while having it. So while I always do my hair, make-up and nails like I'm going to the prom, I decided to wear a sexy green halter dress (the kind I would wear going out for dinner) rather than "porn star wear". Super sexy and figure flattering, but nothing "in-your-face". I wanted to be comfortable and just be me. I felt sexy and had a great time. I had a lot of compliments on my outfit too!

The AVN Expo was one part business, one part fun and one part circus freak show! It takes all kinds, but at least everyone was very open and accepting. Loads of high energy and I was surprised by how much fun I had. My feet hurt SO bad by the end of the evening after standing on a concrete floor in high heels...good thing I just happened to have a private foot session scheduled that night...I really needed to have my feet worshiped!

I can't wait until tomorrow...I'm meeting my new big black monster cock stud for a one on one!




Andrew247 said...

Well well well.....there is only one comment to make ...and this is how ecstatic I am to see that you wore the green wrap dress, its so perfect for you and as you say incredibly flattering!!! Wonderful!....The English know who I am!!

herbie001 said...

You are the most gorgeous woman!!!!!!!!!!
I simply worship your feet!!!