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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Again, Home Again!

Well, Steve and I have been home for just about a week from our fabulous Las Vegas trip. Since we had extended our stay by a couple of days we also reset our body clocks to West Coast time, so needless to say I have been suffering with a bad case of jet lag! Steve and I have had to catch up on so many things; the kids, our business, keep the site updated, loads of laundry, unpacking.

Speaking of unpacking, how funny is this? I had my six new toys plus bottles of toy cleaner and lube and all of the porn-related magazines and flyers from AVN Expo in my shoe suitcase (yes, as a confirmed foot fetish queen I have an entire suitcase for just for my shoes!) and, when I opened it to finally unpack....low and behold I had little "love note" from the Transportation Security Administration...a "Notice of Baggage Inspection"! I had to take a picture of it for you...guess all that latex and lubricant set off some sort of sensor. I joked about it and it happened. Insert a naughty snicker here...I just wish I could have seen the look on the inspection person's face. I did a quick inventory and everything was there. I'll be sure to use my toy cleaner before I use them!

Speaking of my new toys, I owe you guys and 3 free member shows for January. So I have scheduled three shows for you this week. Saturday at 10 am EST, Monday at 10 am EST and my regular Wednesday show at 1 pm EST. I will try out a new toy for each show. Which one first? Be sure to come take a test ride with me! So, unless I get some volunteers to go live with me, I will be solo. I'm also going to make some time for post show if anyone wants me all to themselves.

Let's see...what else is new? Oh, I'm excited to say that my first ever, full length Girl/Girl DVD with my long time girlfriend Alexis Golden is in my online store for pre-release. Watch as we take or friendship to a new, sexual level. I put up some incredibly sexy stills and a teaser clip so you can get a idea for how hot that night was.

Tomorrow I am meeting a brand-new young guy for some foot-related fun, so I am off for a fresh pedicure today. Then on Sunday my hunky black boy-toy Mitchell is coming over for another fuck-fest that is sure to be as hot as ever. I've got a special treat for him and he's been saving up a huge load for me! I'll be sure to let you know how both days go. Keep watching, you never know what I'll be up to next!



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