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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Cougar Prey!

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I was scheduled to do a video shoot today with a young guy who is really into my feet. Well, this is a great story, so hang on! I always hold back a little on you until it is a "for sure" thing since a lot of the younger guys tend to get cold feet at the eleventh hour and I hate to get my own hopes up let alone share it with you and end up with nothing happening. Well...this guy actually showed up and today went fantastic!

As some of you know, I am friends with Brittany Love. A few months ago we had gotten together for a "girls day" shopping date. As we are both really into shoes ( what woman isn't?) and at one point we hit a high-end shoe store in Phipps Plaza in the swanky Buckhead area of Atlanta. A very young, smartly dressed and super-cute shoe salesman approached us and asked if we needed help. Of course we did! He started suggesting shoes and bringing out styles to try on while taking great care to kneel and put the shoes on for us. I walked out with 3 new pairs of shoes that day. A pair of brown stiletto sandals, some patent leather pumps, and some super sexy peep-toe pumps I even wore to my AVN Expo signing. That night I told Steve about the experience and how I got the idea that this guy might have known about the site and how cute I thought he was...

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I got an email from a young guy interested doing a shoot with me during my next trip at Atlanta. He goes on to say, "You may not remember me, but I was the shoe salesman that sold you 3 pairs of shoes..." It ends up being Brian! He's this cute college student working his way through school and turns out he has both a major foot fetish and a serious thing for older women. Then I find out he's only 19 years old...less than half my age! (I'm almost 41...)

Well, he followed through on all the hoops I have a guy jump through to prove they are serious and he showed up right on time today. I was dressed in a sexy new red lace top, short black skirt, and of course, the super sexy peep-toe pumps he had picked out for me. Then I treated him to my sexy little, freshly pedicured (and let's not forget "mature") feet. Young, nervous (but oh-so-eager!) Brian kissed, licked, sucked and smelled every square inch of my high-arched, super-feminine feet, worshiping them like a starving man eating a steak dinner before I finally had him jerk off a monstrous load of his hot, young cum all over them.

Clips from the shoot will be posted in the members area of my site soon (and yes, a full-length DVD and download release will follow some time in the future). Meanwhile, Brian did such an impressive job of making this cougar feel like a queen, that I am going to invite him back for more "MILF Lessons" in the future. I know he is really into handjobs, too, so I'll probably milk a load out of his young cock and balls with my sexy, manicured, well-practiced mature hands in the next shoot we do. If that goes well, I'll invite him back for another shoot and let him worship my ass until I cum while he jacks himself off. And if that goes well, I might even let him come back and fuck me, filling my curvaceous 40 year old body with his hot, virile 19 year old sperm. Sounds like a great extracurricular program for a college stud to me!

Meanwhile, look for those clips on my website soon! I'll be calling them "Brian's First Lesson"...

Until next time!




Anonymous said...

I think every fan of yours deserves to worship your perfect ass at least once in their life!

You have the most delicious looking asshole on the web.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thank you Janet for all your wonderful adventures.



Ady said...

Those guests are so lucky to experience that perfect fit body, pretty face beautiful silky smooth skin. I dream the tease of those perfect slender hands long nails on my big bad cock. I would just be a reduced to a hand full of white goey skin lotion from your tease. You are sexxy and perfect all over.

AB said...

Oh Ma'am, how I wish I had such experiences with older women when I was 19 (I am 25 now). I worship you Ma'am because you are a Goddess having so much fun. I seek your blessings so that some of your happiness and fun rub on to us devotees Ma'am.